Solar light pole - Soluxio solar products - smart solar street light

Solar products

Soluxio is a fully autonomous, stand-alone solar pole. It can be configured to meet every project’s specific needs, and is offered with a large variety of optional extra features and services.

FlexSol Soluxio solar light pole, solar powered lighting column or solar street light, with flexible PV cells.

The FlexSol solar roof tile is the world’s first curved, ceramic solar roof tile. Offering high-tech solar technology in a traditional looking roof tile, this product makes for an elegant residential solar solution.

FlexSol solar PV roof tile - BiPV or building integrated PV in the form of a ceramic curved roof tile with flexible PV cells

NxT solar outdoor lighting is the first consumer product that features our highly efficient, patented, curved solar panel modules. NxT the perfect outdoor lighting solution for residential terrains and private lots.

FlexSol Solutions solar product - NxT solar outdoor lighting