FlexSol solar roof tile

Solar roof tile

Power your house with hidden PV solar panels

When conventional solar panels were first being placed on residential rooftops, the world imagined a quick solution for the ongoing energy crisis. But there was a problem: those big flat panels did not match the architectural style of the houses they had to be placed on. Few people wanted to upset the aesthetics of their roofing just to save a bit on their energy bill in the long-term. A solar roof tile on the other hand simply looks like a roof, and is highly efficient.

Do solar roof tiles generate as much energy as conventional solar panels?

The FlexSol solar roof tile not only respects the design of the structure it is placed upon, it generates more energy than conventional PV panels. Since the integrated PV surface is curved by nature, sunlight will always reach the roof tiles at an optimal angle. Using next-generation power optimisation and monitoring technologies, energy yields are substantially higher than that of conventional PV panels. Due to the integrated smart electronics, shading issues are a problem of the past.

By integrating this advanced PV system in traditional ceramic, the FlexSol roof tile truly merges the best of modern technology with the classic. The unique advantages of the FlexSol solar roof tile are:

Solar roof tile higher energy yield Higher energy yield than conventional systems
Solar roof tile shadowing effects No negative shadowing effects
Solar roof tile smart monitoring Smart monitoring of individual tiles
Solar roof tile obstacle free installation Flexible and obstacle-free installation
Solar roof tile seamless integration Seamless integration in traditional roof
Solar roof tile sustainable Lower environmental impact than conventional PV systems

Smart grid & individual monitoring

The performance of the entire system can be monitored through a user-friendly app. Every desired system size is possible. Since the solar roof tile can both replace and augment current roof tile models, the product is very easy to install. Installation is compatible with current roofing procedures and can be carried out by traditional roofers. Having only one party responsible for the installation and repair of the entire roof improves service while lowering installation costs.

Through smart use of a generic electrical framework that can easily be implemented in different roof tile models, a suitable solution is offered for every architectural style.

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Solar roof tile user interface - FlexSol Solutions

Roof tile with FlexSol technology

The FlexSol Solar Roof Tile is part of the smart solar product range that FlexSol offers. As the leading expert in solar pole products and solar bollards, FlexSol knows all about delivering high quality products that are also aesthetically pleasing. FlexSol products are built with the best solar technology on the market and offer high performance and long lifetime. Learn more about the NxT solar bollard or Soluxio solar pole by clicking on the buttons below.